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Rules of JVI alumni Community

1. General Provisions

1. This website is a private project, without any commercial goals.
2. The main goal of our site is to create a possibility for all who have been in JVI before to stay in touch, to share pictures and suggestions, to organise meetings etc. Another goal is to provide help to everybody planning to visit JVI.
3. English is the primary language here as all JVI alumni can speak it. If you cannot express yourself in English, you may use another language. However, admins support Ukrainian and Russian only.
4. The site has four levels of confidence:
- Common users: all unregistered users;
- Registered users: can use the forum; have more items accessible in the Downloads area; can subscribe to news;
- JVI members can also access personal information: White Pages and Birthday Reminder.
- Administrators have the highest level of confidence: they have all rights.
5. Only administrators can register users and set their level of confidence.
6. These rules are subject to change at any time. Announcements about rules changes will be placed under the Website related Forum's topic.

2. Registration.

1. Any person can be registered if their background and interests correspond to the site goals.
2. To get registered, please send a message to administrators via the Feed-Back form. In the message, specify your name, place of current employment or study, JVI course name, registered user name who told you about our site, and provide all other information which could help administrators make the right decision.
3. Information, given to us during registration is confidential. Do not ask administrators to give you any addresses or phone numbers of other users. You can contact any JVI member via a special form found on the White Pages.
4. Your registration will be refused if:
- You didn't give us enough information;
- Your background and/or interests do not correspond to the site goals;
- In any other case at administrators' strong discretion.
5. In case your registration has been denied, you will be provided with the reasons behind such a decision.
6. If you do not not agree with the administrators' decision, you may send us an appeal message proving the administrators wrong or providing the missing information.
7. You can drop your registration/membership at any time without having to provide the reasons. To opt out, please send us a message from the e-mail account you used for registration. Messages originating from other addresses will be ignored.

3. Forum.

1. Our Forum is post-moderated - your messages will be added and shown immediately, but administrators can delete them later.
2. All messages represent opinions of their authors. Site authors are not personally liable for them in any way imaginable.
3. Do not use a different language in topics; use the same in which the topic was created. If you try doing this, your message will be deleted. Please, find an old or create a new topic in your own language if you are not comfortable with the used one. Be respectful to people who don't speak your language.
4. If you joined us not long ago, please don't be decieved by tone of some discussions. Many of us know each other for a long time and may allow familiarity.
5. If you made a mistake, please leave everything as is - the administrator will correct your message. If you want to draw a special attention to your mistake, send a message to administrators via the feed-back form.
6. Previous point does not include cases when you forget any important information.
7. The most useful suggestions from your messages in Forum will be placed on the Suggestions section of our site.
8. All your proposals, remarks, references about the work of the Forum itself please leave under the Website related topic or if it is too personal, send it via the feedback form.
9. If you don't hear anything back from us in 10 days, please send your message once again. If Rules or Forum contains an answer to your question, administrators will not reply. Use search before asking.
10. Do not create subtopics and discussions about subjects discussed earlier or under unrelated topics. If subject of you subtopic or discussion is not related to any topic, please create it under the Life at large topic. Subtopics and discussions not related to a topic will be moved to the most related one.
11. Subtopics and messages not abiding by these rules will be deleted without any notification.

4. Violations and restrictions

1. Only administrators can make a decision about visitors not abiding by these rules.
2. Punishments are not invented at this moment, but be sure the administrators have vivid imagination.
3. You can appeal the admins' decision with a personal message to them. Use of Forum is prohibited in this case.

5. Content management.

1. Content of this website (excluding the Forum and the White Pages can be added or changed only by the administrators.
2. If you would like to place any pictures or files or articels, please let us know via the Feed-back form, and we will tell you where you can send your content. After verification it will be placed under the proper section.
3. If your information was not placed on our site in 10 days, and you haven't receive any answer from administrators, please remind us about that via Feed-back form and specify when and what you sent.


Main rules:

Be respectful!

Remember that all we are people!

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