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Dear friends!

peopleWe are glad to greet you on this site!

This site was planned and created as a virtual place for all JVI (Joint Vienna Institute) alumni, where we will be able to stay in touch with our friends, share impressions with those who hasn't been to Vienna and JVI yet, to see the pictures of familiar places and colleagues, and their friends.

We hope that this site would be very appealing to many: young macroeconomists from countries with transitional economies working in governmental institutions; students of economics and their teachers; all who have been in JVI or who is planning to get there.

Everyone not related to JVI will also be able to find a bit of useful information here. In particular, we hope that pictures and suggestions will be of great help for travelers whose destination is not only JVI but Vienna and Austria as well, by showing them what to expect and how to prepare for the trip.

All former JVI participants are invited to the Forum - a warm family place, and to the White pages to refresh their memories and share experiences and impressions with other people! Just don't forget to register, because those sections are not available to general public.

We believe our audience is made of intelligent people who can boast most ethical behaviour, but just to make sure everyone is not put down because of some misunderstanding or an accidental outburst of emotions, all visitors are more than welcome to read and follow the site and Forum rules.


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