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What would you like to know about us?

We are not going to reveal any private information about us here. Though, some bits of knowledge may become accessible to the authorized users - the JVI family. If you feel the need to ask us a personal question, please visit the Contact Us page and use the feed-back form. If we consider your question answerable, you'll receive a reply via e-mail.

What we can reveal is that we are two Ukrainian guys who were lucky to attend courses at the JVI and later met in the cyberspace. As it turned out, we both had been thinking, for quite a while, about a website on which all JVI alumni would have been able to communicate, negotiate meetings, share sentiments, ideas and experiences gained at JVI and afterwards. Such a place would keep the people's willingness to keep in touch, especially in those who attended the AEP courses and spent together 10-14 weeks in Vienna.

We must admit, ideas of launching such a site occured to many participants of the AEP courses. Some of them made attempts but their start-ups weren't successful. We hope that our website will share its existence with eternity and will not die as other similar projects have. This also depends on you, our respected visitors. We will be very grateful to you for your opinion about the site, good advices and suggestions on how to make it better, and, certainly, for your support.

Catkiev, daru


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