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JVI - what is it?

JVI stands for Joint Vienna Institute.

As the official site JVI tells us, the Joint Vienna Institute is an international training institute located in Vienna, Austria. It was launched in 1992 by five international organizations and the Austrian authorities to respond rapidly to the large demand from economies in transition to train officials in market economics and the free enterprise system.

The JVI offers a comprehensive program of approximately 60 seminars, generally of short duration, in specialized topics that reflect the expertise of its various sponsoring organizations. These seminars are aimed at mid- and senior-level officials and private sector managers in transition economies and focus primarily on practical policy issues relevant to economies in transition.

In addition, the JVI offers a 10-week course in Applied Economic Policy for younger policymakers. Duration of course is shorter now then before, but we hope that that didn't substantially influence efficiency and teaching quality.

Additionally, participation in any seminar in JVI, especially for government employees from countries with a transitional economy, is a magnificent chance not just to get knowledge in economics but also to see beauty of age-old Vienna, mountain and flat Austria, splendor of the Alpine mountains.

More information about JVI can be found on their official website.


Did you know..?

JVI was founded in 1992.

Now JVI is placed in downtown Vienna.

Before May, 2003 JVI was situated on Erdbergstrasse, near the U-bahn station with the same name.

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